Give back to Earth

Earth, me Pulse

Earth is the marvelous and unique creation, with its life and everything in it, the source of life, the basis of the essence and the possibility for dreams, Earth is the apple of our eyes. We have the duty, the commitment, the morality, and the tools, to enable its continuity, existence, and its delicate balance of its internal logic. We cannot do the bare minimum, cut corners, and often close our eyes at the expense of its wholeness and existence.

Since the dawn of the human history, there has been a consistent infliction to resources, imbalances, interests, pollution, destruction, killing, extermination, etc. etc. there is no need to mention the direct and future consequences from these actions, which are clear, painful and fatal. In the end, we belong to him and not vice versa. Like many, many others, it is also up for us to wake up, get up and take the matter one step forward in order to cherish the wonders of his existence and to enable and sustain its prosperity.

This is a practical approach, containing positive thinking, appreciation, and giving, in order to maintain its existence and existential reciprocity, like a correction, in which we give back in return, something that was taken away, a concept at the basis of the American Indians’ philosophy. Yacoaco embraces with love this idea seriously and with full commitment to give back to Earth, may this path rise and prosper... Time is short, and the work is plenty... 

Houston, We Have a Problem

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A portion of profit given back to Earth