Yacoaco Concept

It all started as an intriguing creative subject, but in 2012 it reached the "artist's self-revelation" - eureka

and became a creative theme. Since my early life, I've had a strong attraction to scarecrows, which was expressed in a special feeling along my winding path of life - milestones. Yacoaco is a combination of my name - Yaco, with the addition of - aco, which is a portion of Yaco and refers to the scarecrow itself. The idea of one thing within another, sits remarkably true with me and the scarecrow's nature, thus, we share similar positive characteristically features, such as contemplation, comprehension, and judgment, that at the end leads in a circular way, to nonintervention, with the understanding of continued observation and learning a broader and deeper to a clearer vision and objective distinction.

Throughout cultural historythe scarecrow was perceived as a guard by frightening with its actual presence only, and in analogy, as the human presence itself. Frightening or not, this is a separate question, the human, who imposed this role on the scarecrow and thus coined the classic image, mean, that this metaphor was born in his musings in the first place, and it is not necessarily the true nature of the scarecrow, it is the nature of the evil man within us. The scarecrow is a friend, a true friend, or in short, a soulmate, although, his hands are wide open for empowerment presence, it is also truly and objectively for a mischievous entity.

If we revert for a moment and look in a broad perspective, and infer also to the scarecrow's original role too, then yes, the scarecrow is inserted deep into Earth as a sign for a strong bond, commitment, and cause, to care and guard our vulnerable planet ... and us all ...

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Scarecrow Mate - Video

Scarecrow Mate - Video/Photo by Kidspot NZ