Outdoor Urban Scarecrows


The large size of urban scarecrows is happy to stand anywhere, everywhere, as long as they feel great.

They stand proudly, inspire their surrounding with friendship, mischief, relaxation, and of course assurance & security.The Scarecrow Sculptures made by 3D print or other traditional methods, that adapt themselves perfectly to their environment, they are durable to weather conditions and can be designed, in Collaboration with Yacoaco Studio.Outdoor 3D prints are available at any size requested. Minimum Statue size - 75cm (30"). For any specific desired Personal & Artistic requests, Please Contact us.
Technical Details: Traditional molding methods of various materials or Large 3D Printer with white acrylic polymer - strengthen with inner structure. Outer layer coating - Polyurea and Fine Art Finishes

Outdoor - where Oki feels most great ;)

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - Illustration , Original Photo by Richard Anderson

Central Park New York - illustration, original photo by Daniil Peshkov

The Google Scarecrow - Google Headquarters Building - Illustration , Original Photo by Maglara

Front Building - Illustration , Original 3D render by Taweesak Boonwirut

Modern skyline and empty road - Illustration , Original Photo by Stillraining

Deck platform and sea view - Illustration , Original Photo by Paulkoo

The Florentin Quartet - Illustration , Original Photo by Bystander

Office Building Entrance - Illustration , Original Photo by Hxdbzxy

Caesarea Golf Club - Illustration , Original Photo by Dorit lombroso

Colorful flowering shrubs in a spring garden - Illustration , Original Photo by Farina6000

House Garden - Illustration , Original Photo by Fotocraft

All Outdoor Scarecrows are available at any sizes and configuration, beyond any imagination...


All illustrations - by Sasha Dubinsky & Yaco, except "Sea Deck" by Alon Peled & Yaco